Attempting to Make Sense of the Senseless


I don’t know what to say anymore. It hurts to think about any of it. But we have to.

Here’s the gofundme link if you feel like financially helping the victims of the massacre.

Here are some links to local Orlando LGBT support groups, The Center and the Orlando Youth Alliance. Your financial support of these organizations will help their community heal.

I salute all the Floridians who lined up to donate blood after this tragedy. A bright spot in this: the blood banks in Orlando are at capacity for the moment. They’re asking folks to schedule appointments in the coming days and weeks, when supply has decreased once more. [] I’m betting that wherever you live, a blood bank needs your donation, too.

I know gun control is a touchy subject. I’m not gonna preach about it. But if you are so inclined to take some political action, I urge you to peruse @igorvolsky‘s feed for specific details about individual lawmakers, their voting record on gun control laws, and NRA donation amounts in their campaign coffers.

Please, let this be the last one.