Catch As Catch Can

Sometimes a writer’s life is catch as catch can. Being a mom and wife certainly compounds the issue. But here I am at McDonalds with the kids (no school on President’s Day), leaving the hubby with a quiet house in which to work (day at home office is a necessity since his car didn’t start today, plus a big project’s due at the end of the week), blogging and writing thanks to my trusty laptop and free wi-fi.

Son #1 is poring over the latest Lego catalogue. Son #2 is climbing in the grotty tubes of Ronald’s playland. And I’m mainlining Diet Coke, immersing myself in John, Beth, and Paul’s story. (Oh Paul, how I’ve missed your snark!)

Am I channeling JKR or what? <grin> I’ll have to remember this moment for my Today interview (snort).