Equal Pay Day 2016


According to pay-equity.org, April 12 illustrates the gender-biased wage gap in America by representing how far into the next year women must work to earn the same as men in a year.


Read more from AAUW.org:

Despite the Equal Pay Act, the wage gap persists; women are typically paid just 79 cents on average for every dollar paid to men — and that number has barely budged in a decade. Although enforcement of the Equal Pay Act and other civil rights laws has helped to narrow the wage gap, significant disparities still must be addressed.

Think 79 cents is bad? The pay gap is even worse for women of color. AAUW also observes Asian American Women’s Equal Pay Day in March, African American Women’s Equal Pay Day in August, Native American Women’s Equal Pay Day in September, and Latina Equal Pay Day in October.

Want to do something about it? The National Committee on Pay Equity urges you to wear red today “to symbolize how far women and minorities are in the red with their pay.” You can also download an Equal Pay Day Kit to help promote awareness and take action. More information and tools are available from the American Association of University Women‘s website.