Fan Fiction

I confess I am a complete and total Harry Potter geek. And this is where I’ll commit a huge “serious” author faux pas and admit I love writing fanfic. Please, JKR, don’t sue me. I don’t make a dime, it all belongs to you! <bows obsequiously>

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George & Annie: An Unofficial Biography – Fred and George Weasley’s troublemaking careers didn’t start the day they reached Hogwarts. In fact, they had been honing their mischief-making talents for years with the help of a feisty little Muggle girl named Annie Jones from Ottery St. Catchpole. Their secret friendship continues even after the twins begin leaving for Hogwarts, as the children keep in touch via owl post. It deepens into something more as teenagers, when George and Annie discover an attraction to each other they can’t resist. Their love struggles to survive one of the most trying times in the magical world – the Second War – and its devastating consequences. A happily-ever-after awaits them… eventually.




Here Be Dragons – As a little boy, Charlie Weasley cultivated a passion for dragons. But that little boy had no way of knowing where that passion would take him. Life on a Romanian dragon reservation is full of adventure, intrigue, and romance… where Charlie least expected to discover it. He finds himself struggling with Death Eaters, poachers, and some inner demons. These are Charlie’s adventures – the ones only hinted at in canon. My story consists of vignettes of Charlie’s life, with emphasis on those rare, brief moments when JKR mentioned him in passing, and few other gaps filled in.