Happy Birthday, Beth Mitchell!

http://www.dreamstime.com/-image4447927April 8 is Beth’s birthday! Fans of the Desert Ménage Trilogy, here’s a celebratory, sexy snippet from Wholly Trinity for you…

John gathered her up in his arms, nuzzling her ear. “Did you get everything you wanted for your birthday?”

She cocked her head, giving him increased access to her ear and neck, but looked straight at Paul as she licked her lips. “Not quite everything.”

Paul’s groin quickened. But that didn’t mean he would give in so easily. A little resistance was all part of the fun. “What more could you possibly want, greedy girl?” he needled, calculating whether it made more sense to high-tail it out of the resort or just book a room.

Leaning back against John’s body, her hand drifted to his hip and stroked down his thigh. All the while, her eyes never left Paul’s. “You know what I want.”

John’s hand splayed across her belly. His smoldering look joined hers over her shoulder, and the combined force of their stares seared through Paul. Something inside went molten in response.

“Say it, baby,” John whispered loud enough for Paul to hear.

Beth’s eyelids fluttered. “I want both of you… inside me… together,” she purred.

Oh, hell yes. Now it was even more urgent to get back to their apartment as soon as physically possible. Paul had six hours before he was due at the hospital for rounds, and it was imperative they be spent to maximum effectiveness. The important thing was to get home without any further arguments. And then it would be an all-out, balls-to-the-wall three-way sex marathon until he had to leave. If anything was worth sublimating his natural inclination to snark and argue, this would qualify.

The ghost of a congratulatory quip on the tip of his tongue, his eyes met John’s—dark wells of hunger that gripped him like a tractor beam—and he froze.

Shit. It simply wasn’t fair to partner a drop-dead sexy body with such powerful, sexual-Jedi mind tricks.

John held out his hand to him, wordlessly asking for something.

Feeling like the mesmerized Stormtroopers under Obi-Wan Kenobi’s thrall, Paul’s brain scrambled to interpret the unspoken request. He stood up, unable to pull his gaze away. His aggravation flaring, he moved to slap John’s hand away.

But John surprised him by grabbing hold of his wrist and jerking him close. While Paul had a two-inch advantage in height, John’s muscular bulk gave him the upper hand when it came to strength. Paul stumbled a step forward, and when his body collided with John’s, he hooked his other hand around his neck. A second later, John pulled Paul down into a fierce, carnivorous kiss.

Hard up against his lover’s body in every way, Paul’s mind spun. Even when fully functional, he couldn’t recall a kiss that had turned him on more. Every urge to resist evaporated in an instant, and he craved the chance to submit to this man, this passion.

“Please,” Beth moaned, her low, breathy voice jerking Paul’s consciousness back into reality. “Let’s just go. Now.”

John released him, but Paul understood this was a temporary reprieve. Once they got home, there would be no doubt as to whose command reigned supreme.

And Paul couldn’t wait to surrender the reins.

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