Happy Birthday, Jamie Swain!

In honor of the hero of my first book, Old Enough To Know Better, here’s a peek inside the mind of Jamie Swain—a young, rich, talented and handsome British actor gaining fame for his portrayal of a beloved comic book action hero. It’s his birthday this month!

Old Enough to Know Better cover

Sometimes I worry a bit that my life seems like a series of clichés worthy of the worst crap script. So pathetically lame and sappy that it becomes a parody, you know? The sort of story where you don’t sympathize with the hero—you laugh at him. Not an encouraging thought, is it?

The funny thing is, from my point of view—actually living it—my life feels like an over-abundance of dumb luck and irony. Trust me, I know how incredibly bloody lucky I am. The irony is just my price to pay for all my dreams come true, I suppose.

That reminds me of something very wise the woman I love once told me. “Nature may abhor a vacuum, baby, but I’m convinced the universe adores irony.” A bit of a swot, she is. But poetic, no?

It probably doesn’t help things that I seldom think any of my actions through, nor am I much of a plan-ahead sort of fellow. More a seat-of-the-pants guy, me. Probably explains why I land flat on my arse as much as I do.

What can I say?

I’ll sound like an idiot when I tell you this, but… I think I might have known as soon as I read it. See, I told you! Completely barking, I know. Sets your teeth on edge, doesn’t it? I’m cringing right along with you, I swear.

And yet, it gets even more implausible… I fell in love with a woman on the Internet. And not even one of those matchmaking sites, either. See, Mel wrote a story about me. Well, not me exactly, but I suppose you could say he’s my alter ego, really. The story was a romance about me and her, how we fell in love. Sort of. Only she didn’t realize it, at first. I had to convince her.

It’s kinda complicated.

Did I mention I play pretend for a living?

And now I sound completely mental, don’t I?

Old Enough To Know Better is available in ebook and paperback formats on Amazon. Your purchase of any of my books during the month of October 2014 will contribute to one n ten, a support organization for LGBTQ teens.