Happy Holidays & Prosperous New Year!

I’m planning to take a break from my blog in order to spend some quality time with my family. I hope you have a happy and relaxing holiday season while I’m away! And in case you’re planning to attend or host a holiday party, here’s a fun tradition we’ve done for years we’d like to share.

This fortune-telling game works equally well with adults and kids. All it requires is some M&M candies. The individual packs work great for this, but you could just grab a handful from a larger bag if need be. Warning: it doesn’t work as well with holiday-color versions… the everyday rainbow bags work best.

For each M&M in your bag/hand, you can expect a “dose” of the following for 2014…

RED = self-confidence

YELLOW = love

ORANGE = geekiness (can be cancelled out by RED + YELLOW)

GREEN = wishes (one wish per green M&M)

BLUE = wealth

BROWN = health

If you don’t like your fortune, just eat it up and try again!