It’s Finally Here!

One powerful woman. Five talented lovers.

Can she keep her head… and her harem?

footmen_frontcover_LFI’m so excited to announce that The Footmen is now available as an e-book from Amazon! To celebrate, here’s a new, sexy excerpt…

With dinner finished, Mati offered her his arm, and they followed the rest of the footmen to the bedroom to retire for the evening. One of the smaller rooms of the apartment, it comprised a slightly raised dais. Thick, mattress-like padding lay wall-to-wall on the floor, with blankets and pillows scattered about where all five of them slept together. Soft, forgiving lighting illuminated the space, and gentle strains of relaxing music set the mood.

Willing herself to feel content, Yria’s eyelids fluttered shut as Mati’s large, sure hands untied the belt of her robe and eased it off her shoulders. Holding her to his body, he kissed her neck and collar with confidence borne of long experience. Though he didn’t speak, she heard his deep, smoky voice in her head: I am always here, ready with whatever you need.

Rubio’s kiss came next, eager but restrained. If you’re up for anything, I’m game—but no pressure. She sensed a deeper, darker need somewhere beneath the surface—not for sexual release, but for reassurance, for connection. The kind of security that was her responsibility to provide. His hands went around her waist for a moment, then retreated as he handed her off.

Benji cupped her face lightly. His tired yet tender kiss conveyed the long day he’d spent with their children, the adoration he felt for them and her, the satisfaction he found in daily watching and helping them grow. But she well knew his stamina, knew he could re-energize in moments and meet any demand, if necessary.

Not content to let the evening slip quietly into slumber, it was Amelior who swept her into his arms, and her body came alive with his kiss, a proclamation of heated sensuality that rocketed through her, leaving her breathless and unsteady. His broad, hot hands groped her breast, her rump, and the message was unmistakable: Want. You. Now.

As if a shower of pheromones had been released into the air, the other men drew closer. A warm chest pressed against her back, and a pair of hands—Mati’s, she assumedreached around her waist to tug at the drawstring of Amelior’s pants.

“Let me be the one to taste you tonight, Mistress,” naked Amelior breathed, sinking to his knees, dragging his mouth down her body. He nuzzled her belly and looked up at her with sultry, pleading eyes…

The Footmen is available now as an ebook from Amazon, and will be available as a print-on-demand paperback from CreateSpace soon.