Kudos, Desert Rose RWA

What is it about writers? I’m perpetually astonished by how incredibly generous with their creativity and time these folks are. I suppose it’s perhaps the nature of the beast: you don’t often meet a writer who doesn’t want to share his or her story.

My current gushing is prompted by the amazing time I spent last weekend at Desert Rose Chapter of RWA’s Annual Fall Writers’ Workshop. Ten fantastically informative sessions were led by knowledgeable, articulate, and downright entertaining authors purely out of the kindness of their hearts.

Oh, and did I mention this was FREE!? Um, yeah. When’s the last time an expert offered to share industry secrets and hard-won expertise with you… for nothing?

But that’s just par for the course when it comes to Desert Rose. I’ve been a member since January, and I’ve yet to attend a monthly meeting without learning something critically important about the craft of writing and/or the business of publishing. I’m continually inspired by the imaginative and supportive men and women (yeah, a handful of fellas show up) I’ve met through Desert Rose. It’s in no small part because of them that I’m finally getting off my butt and letting my stories see the light of day.

For this reason and many others (including but not limited to the fact that some of these gals really know how to party), I can’t wait to attend next April’s Desert Dreams Writers’ Conference right here in the Valley of the Sun. I’ve heard rave reviews from so many past attendees, including that this conference meets or surpasses many of the national romance writer/reader events held around the country.

For more information or to register online, please visit www.desertroserwa.org. See you there!