Amanda Ryder, V.I.

Romantic Paranormal Suspense

Paranormally gifted Amanda Ryder, raised in a strict family who believes ESP like hers is witchcraft, gets thrown out of the house on her eighteenth birthday. Shortly afterward in New Orleans, Amanda accidentally stumbles into the cofounder of the Academy of St. Joan of Arc, a quasi-governmental covert organization, and agrees to join the twelve-member team (none of whom are vampires or werewolves!) in the fight against paranormal crime. She further vows to preserve her virginity until such time as it is needed to save a male colleague.

Among many small-time paranormal shysters that are taken down by the Academy, the primary recurring villain is Hamilton Spencer Nash, bastard son of a wealthy businessman and head of an impressive local paranormal crime syndicate. He wants Amanda’s paranormal gifts – especially her virginity – for his own nefarious use.

Each book in the series depicts an ongoing battle against crime in general and Nash in particular. Along the way, Amanda follows her own quest to discover her worth, develop her ESP talents, and navigate the inevitable sexual tension arising in her relationships (both professional and personal) with her male colleagues while preserving her virginity.

All titles in the Amanda Ryder, V.I. series contain mature themes, strong language, and explicit sex and are intended for adults only.

The first book of the series, Brimstone, was a finalist in Chicago North RWA’s 2011 Fire and Ice contest and won Desert Rose RWA’s 2012 Realizing the Dream contest. It is available in ebook and paperback formats. Click here to read an excerpt!

Book two of the series, Portents, is now available in ebook and paperback formats. Click here to read an excerpt!


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