An Experimental Phase

Sometimes it takes a stranger to see who you really are…

aep_cover_testIt was hardly love at first sight when George Brooks met Craig Hostetler. They had each other pegged within minutes: he was just another dumb, oversexed jock, and she was a quintessential stuck-up goody-two-shoes. They were at each other’s throats within hours. But when her unexpected response to a taunting comment dumped his impression of her on its ear, Craig starts wondering what else he’d been wrong about. And when George throws caution to the wind and dares trust a stranger, a whole new world of potential opens up.

As George and Craig attempt to explore the nature of sex while remaining free of the confines of a romantic relationship, an incidental yet profound friendship develops between the two seemingly mismatched teens. Both struggle against misconceptions, reputations, and expectations of the world around them. In George, Craig finally discovers someone who supports his dream of going to college and making something of himself. And Craig is the only person able to see past George’s prim and prickly public persona.

But keeping the true extent of their relationship proves complicated, especially while navigating the adolescent minefield of high school, unreciprocated crushes, and rebellion against parents who just don’t get it. How long before this experiment blows up in their faces?

An Experimental Phase (prequel to Theory Versus Practice) will be available in ebook format on Amazon on October 2.