Desert Ménage Trilogy

Polyamory ain’t for sissies.

DM_series_imageSoftware engineer John O’Brien and orthopedic surgical resident Paul Atwater have been together since they met as college freshmen. The bisexual pair’s relationship hasn’t always been smooth sailing, but they’re committed to making their love for each other work.

Enter Beth Mitchell, the spunky, sexy new secretary at John’s engineering firm. Beth and John fall hard for each other’s charms, and it’s only a matter of time before somebody’s heart gets hurt unless they can come up with a solution that can keep everyone happy. Deciding she’s willing to go out on a limb for a chance at loving John, she proposes they all give a triadic relationship a try. Only Paul isn’t quite so sure he won’t end up the odd man out.

An idealistic optimist, John has the disturbing tendency to railroad others into his plans for happiness. Cynical, sarcastic Paul reliably resists any and all change, often putting a frustrating damper on John’s more ambitious nature. Ever the peacemaker, Beth is left to put her psychology minor to use in mediating a happy compromise somewhere in between the two polar opposites.

A completed trilogy, the Desert Ménage series follows Beth, John and Paul’s relationship from its comically tenuous beginning in Nine Dates, throughout its evolution into a strong, equitable, loving triadic bond in Tri Me, highlighting the unique and sometimes politically charged challenges the threesome face as they strive to live more openly in Wholly Trinity. Set in contemporary Phoenix, Arizona, the hot desert nights get even steamier for our trio in this sexy series.

All titles within the Desert Ménage trilogy contain strong language and explicit sex and are intended for adults only.

Nine Dates, Tri Me, and Wholly Trinity are now available in ebook and paperback formats from Amazon. All three books in the Desert Ménage series are also available as a digital-only box set from Amazon.