Nine Dates

2011 Valley Forge RWA Sheila Award Finalist

Secretary Beth Mitchell has a problem. A 6’2″ gorgeous, blue-eyed problem. Office crushes universally suck, but she reckons hers truly takes the cake. For not only is sweet, charming John O’Brien her best friend at work, he’s also taken. Not that it would matter if he weren’t, because to top it all off, John’s gay.

Or so Beth thought… until he asks her out on a date. And in the span of a few moments, all of Beth’s preconceived notions about John come tumbling down when he asks, “You understand people come in more flavors than just gay or straight, don’t you?”

Being raised in a small Midwestern town by a single mother gave Beth a solid grounding in realism and a strong work ethic, but did nothing to temper her driving ambition or quell her sense of adventure. So when John offers something she’d never dared imagine, Beth leaps at the opportunity, however untraditional, to be with him.

Only John’s boyfriend, medical resident Paul Atwater, isn’t so sure. When Beth shows up at their apartment proposing they give nothing less than a triadic relationship a try, he thinks the whole thing’s a recipe for disaster. “There’s got to be more to a successful ménage-a-trois than a fucking nine date plan!” he argues.

For that’s exactly the strategy Beth lays out. Nine Dates follows Beth, John, and Paul on these dates as they get to know each other. Tender romantic moments, steamy physical encounters, an overdose of sarcasm, and brownies a la mode all feature heavily. Is it possible for a committed, monogamous relationship to welcome a new member, much less withstand the invasion? Is true love always the right path to follow? And just how complicated can things get?

Nine Dates contains strong language and explicit sex and is intended for adults only.

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Nine Dates is available in ebook and paperback formats.



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