Tri Me

Gossip, blackmail, and sabotage… Can their unconventional love survive?

Tri_Me_front_1Beth, Paul, and John’s adventure continues in Tri Me, Desert Ménage Book Two…

Saying “I love you” has never been easy for Dr. Paul Atwater. It took him years to say the words to the love of his life, John O’Brien. And yet, as they open their relationship to a vivacious blonde over the summer, Beth Mitchell seems determined to worm her way not only into his life, but into his cold, prickly heart as well. No matter how hard he tries to resist.

Fearing exposure could ruin their careers, friendships, even family bonds, Paul and his lovers move forward cautiously. But regardless of their efforts to be discreet, prying eyes threaten to reveal their secret. Troubled romantic pasts come back to haunt them. Attempted blackmail by coworkers, a disapproving mother, and multiple bids to break up the threesome by Beth’s friends all threaten the tender feelings and fragile trust starting to build between them.

Facing the scrutiny of a judgmental world, will the triad buckle under the disapproval of their taboo relationship? Will jealousies and insecurities cause it to crumble from within? Or will they find the strength to choose this new and surprising love over careers, friends, even family?

Tri Me contains strong language and explicit sex, and is intended for adults only.

Tri Me is now available in ebook and paperback formats.

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