Wholly Trinity

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Love, marriage, and a family—it all sounds so simple, but not for an outlaw threesome.

WT_cover_2When John O’Brien met the love of his life, Paul Atwater, he knew they were meant to be together forever. Years later, when he met the girl of his dreams, Beth Mitchell, he was equally confident of their mutual destiny. Now that the three lovers have established a successful triadic relationship, what’s to stop them from making their happily ever after official?

Just about everything, as it turns out.

This isn’t the first time John’s had to drag Paul kicking and screaming into a deeper level of commitment. And while Paul can grudgingly admit the changes have consistently been improvements, it only makes him more certain their lucky streak is bound to run out that much sooner. Paul genuinely loves Beth, which has helped keep a damper on his jealousy so far. But she can give John the thing he now desperately wants—something impossible for Paul to compete with: a baby.

Is marriage and starting a family next in the cards for our intrepid threesome? Or will this new phase of their unconventional relationship prove to be the one that finally sends Paul packing? And when all of John’s careful plans prove inadequate in the face of tragedy, who will still be around to help pick up the pieces?

Wholly Trinity is now available in ebook and paperback formats.

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