Ingenue: A Feminist BDSM Adventure

ingenue front cover 2Jilted by her fiancé, Paige Forsythe plans to lick her wounds in seclusion, looking forward to reuniting with her favorite yet ailing aunt. The shock of her heartbreak left her disillusioned with men and restless in her career as a history professor at a second-tier private college, despite her rumored promotion to department head. Tired of teaching and soul-crushing administrative duties, she longs to lose herself in research and writing, taking refuge in the safety of the past.

But the handsome, sweet guy next door has some surprising plans for Paige. Always willing to lend a hand when it comes to Aunt Lil, Reed Camden’s charming smile and eager kindness win Paige over. But when his offer of a friendly massage veers several steps beyond propriety, Paige’s complicated life skews further off-kilter. “I’ve been a Dom for years,” Reed explains, his touch igniting her desire. “I know a submissive when I see one.”

Reed casts aside his “retirement” from that life to serve as her guide, and Paige explores the unfamiliar realm of BDSM, discovering a sexually adventurous side of herself she never knew existed. What begins as a summer’s rebound fling quickly blossoms into something more, but Paige’s trust issues and deeply ingrained self-doubt threaten to sabotage their budding romance. Reed’s mysterious, dark past collides with the present, rattling her confidence further. Can Paige find the strength within to break free of her repressive life and embrace a whole new world of excitement and love?

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Ingenue: A Feminist BDSM Adventure is now available in ebook and paperback formats from Amazon.