The Footmen

New futuristic ménage romance!


One powerful woman.  Five talented lovers.

Can she keep her head… and her harem?

When Senator Yria Kolossa’s family is threatened, her male harem insists she hire a bodyguard. But burly, brutish Semper, their new Head of Security, doesn’t exactly fit in with the rest of Yria’s refined, courtly footmen. As tensions rise within the ranks of her lovers, Semper’s no closer to finding out who’s responsible for the threats… until she’s kidnapped right from under his nose.

Nobody understands why the gender ratio has been so skewed in the last generations, resulting in five boys for every girl born. In a gynocratic society where women hold all positions of political and economic power, the swelling population of homeless, hungry males is a perfect breeding ground for ominous rumbles of revolution. And Yria’s idealistic campaign for gender equality has made her some very powerful enemies in the capitol—people who believe the only way to preserve the female-biased status quo is by reducing the number of males by any means necessary. When Yria’s caught between rival political factions with opposing social agendas, will she survive?

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The Footmen is now available in ebook and paperback formats.