Needle Tracks

Earlier this summer, I squeed to discover the amazing Pinup Collection of fabrics by Alexander Henry. I splurged and bought a cache of those cuties from, even though I had no idea what I’d do with them.


Alexander Henry’s “Pursuit of Happiness”

Inspiration hit earlier this week: skirts! A cute, short, gathered skirt would display those sexy boys in the most flattering way possible… wrapped around me! Cut to my trip to the sewing store this morning, where I perused the patterns and found several I think might work swimmingly.

For my first project, I chose this skirt (sans pockets) from Simplicity to pair with the “Pursuit of Happiness” fabric pictured here. The pattern looks pretty idiot-proof. While I have a bit of experience, most of it’s been restricted to quilting or making pajamas and Halloween costumes for my kids. I’ve never made clothing for myself, but surely I can assemble three pattern pieces and thread an elastic waist!

Yeah, I probably should have been more on the ball and had this project finished in time for July 4th. But does a girl really need an excuse for a patriotic skirt?

To the sewing machine, Robin! I hope to post pics of the process and model the final result soon…