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Wholly Trinity

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John was a man who knew his destiny when he saw it.

The first time he felt that unearthly hum in his body was when he stood under a carport, a cold Chicago rain falling, and a guy peeled back the dust cover on the tightest little machine he’d ever seen: gleaming and seductive as a centerfold, she’d been pampered since rolling off the assembly line nearly a decade earlier. In its thrall, his teenage self knew the car was meant to be his before another word was said.

He next experienced destiny’s buzz the day he moved into Manzanita Hall at ASU and laid eyes on his new roommate: a tall, gangly boy with the most stunning pair of amber eyes. He knew in that instant fate had tapped him on the shoulder and whispered, “You’re welcome.”

The last time he felt a fortunate tingle was the day a vivacious blonde skipped into Imaginet and turned his world on its ear. No matter how he tried to convince himself he was mistaken, fate would not be denied. Thank heaven he hadn’t put up much of a fight.

With so much experience under his belt, John instantly recognized the familiar sensation now skittering through his system. As they parked in a quiet cul de sac and stepped out into the broiling afternoon, he scanned the surroundings, committing the moment to memory.

This is it. We’re finally home.

At his left, Beth sighed an underwhelmed, “Oh.”

“Jesus,” Paul muttered from behind him. “This one?”

John bit back a retort, reminding himself to be patient. They let themselves get bogged down in cosmetic details like the weedy front yard and scruffy, faded exterior. But this house was at the top of John’s short list, thanks to a quality school district, generous lot size, convenient commute, and reputable but not snobbish neighborhood. He saw nothing but potential, and they’d come around soon enough.

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