Not What He Expected

Oh, he thought the moment he laid eyes on her. Not what I expected. At all…

Today’s the anniversary of when Jamie Swain met Mel Morganstern. To celebrate, I’m sharing a snippet today and dropping the price of Old Enough To Know Better (ebook) on Amazon to 99 cents for one week only (£0.99 in UK)! This contemporary “cougar” romance has an average 4.5/5 star rating on Amazon. I hope you’ll check it out 🙂


“Tell me about all those rings you wear,” he countered, stalling for time and nosing for information. He hoped she’d say something about being recently divorced. He knew of a woman on the set crew who’d worn hers for nearly a year after her divorce had been final. Perhaps that ring might be one of many things he coaxed Mel into taking off tonight.

“All right. There’s quite a story behind them, actually,” she replied, her voice soft. Sultry. Sexy.

He looked up from her phone and into her deeply brown eyes. Melty cocoa velvet, and so very fuckable. Desire for her slammed through him, the impact left him reeling.

The connection lasted a moment, then she looked down at her hands. Spinning the small diamond solitaire around her finger, she said, “This one tells you I fell in love with him when he was still poor, fresh out of school.”

She twisted the engraved golden band below it, a fraction of an inch closer to her heart. “This one tells you the promise we made to each other: you and no other.”

Shifting to her right hand, she spun another gold band studded with a row of tiny diamond chips. “This one tells you we’ve been married for more than a decade. It’s an anniversary band.”

Finally, she tapped another gold band bearing two small, differently colored stones mounted side by side. “And this one tells you what months of the year our children were born.”

Jamie swallowed hard, disappointment increasing with every line she uttered, resentment of his nameless, faceless rival growing by the moment. She’s married. Been married for a while. With kids, no less. Fuck. What was I thinking?

“Congratulations,” he mumbled without enthusiasm.

“Thank you,” she replied, sounding disappointingly sincere.

Karen returned from the loo, and he began taking his leave, unwilling to have his nose rubbed in it—whatever this situation of his own making was turning out to be. Karen pleaded with him to stay longer, but he refused, claiming jet lag and an early morning commitment.

He offered his hand to Mel. “It was lovely to meet you.”

Her grip was firm, but her hand was soft and warm. He felt the smallness of the bones within, her delicate fingers curled around his sturdier ones. “It was really wonderful to meet you, Jamie.” She smiled not just with her mouth, but with her eyes as well.

Fucking hell, he groaned as his body responded. “Promise you’ll send me the other story?” he blurted without thinking.

Her face lit up, and it became even more difficult to resist the urge to kiss her, to hold on to her hand and pull her along back to his hotel room.

“I promise,” she said.

When the man of Mel’s fantasy becomes an all-too-real temptation, her life spins out of control. But when Jamie helps pick up the pieces after tragedy strikes, can she strike a balance between propriety and what her heart tells her is right? Old Enough To Know Better is available in digital and paperback format on Amazon for 99 cents (£0.99 in UK) from July 17-23.