Quickie Desk-side Workouts

One of my resolutions this year is to improve my fitness level. I managed to shave about 15 pounds last year, and I’m determined to keep them off! My problem is motivation to drag my butt to the gym… it’s so much more fun to sit at my computer and write! (or research… or just about anything, really)

I’ve decided to try some at-home workouts this year, but I know my attention span and/or commitment level won’t last much past 10-20 minutes. With that in mind, I’ve downloaded several free, “quickie” workout apps on my Kindle Fire…

Image from New York Times Magazine

Image from New York Times Magazine

The “Scientific” 7-Minute Workout — I first read about this in the New York Times Magazine about a year ago & downloaded this app just a week ago. (Remember that motivation problem I mentioned?) I love how short it is, and I’m always out of breath by the end. Bonus: my 7-year old loves doing the workout with me so much, he nags me to do it again every day. Available from the Amazon App store here.

Simply Yoga — I love doing yoga but never manage to find a convenient class time. This app makes any spare 20-minute window the perfect time to stretch & relax. Available from the Amazon App store here.

Daily Workouts — So far I’ve tried the free versions of the ab and butt workouts, which offer 5, 8, and 10-minute routines. Whenever I’m stuck on a scene, I’m going to roll out my exercise mat and start crunching! Maybe the improved blood flow will help me through my brain block. Daily Workout Apps offer a smorgasbord of free and paid exercise apps in the Amazon App store here.

I’m also tempted to try some of the workouts from Health Magazine (www.health.com). Some of them look intimidating, though, to a clutz like me who has trouble walking and chewing gum at the same time. I’ll let you know how those go in a later update…

Any other suggestions?