About Me

Born and raised in small-town, rural Indiana, I now live in metropolitan Phoenix, Arizona with an intimidatingly smart and devastatingly handsome husband and two hyperactively cute and talented sons who will one day be Earth’s Overlords (never underestimate the power of Legos). I enjoy cooking, traveling, gardening, sewing, quilting, and embroidery but only when I’m in the right mood and seldom concurrently (I’m kind of streaky when it comes to hobbies). I adore reading and writing in the same way that I love breathing and eating, gaining a similar nourishment from each.


About My Stories…

While agonizing over coming up with a personal tagline with some incredibly creative and generous romance-writers, I began to examine what my buckshot-diverse, genre-spanning work might possibly have in common. And the thread I was able to tease out of the tapestry, so to speak, was the theme of the taboo relationship. I’m drawn to and fascinated by the relationship that shouldn’t work but somehow does… and the quirky personalities that miraculously manage to extract happiness from apparent dysfunction.

In all the stories I’ve written, my main characters become involved in a relationship (romantic or platonic) that, on the surface, most of us would shy away from. You know, the kind of relationship that your mother, sister, and best friends warn you about, the kind people lament in sad or angry songs, the kind self-help books rail against, or the kind that society in general might condemn. Red flags abound! Misgivings galore! What in the world is he or she thinking!?

But despite such knee-jerk judgments around them, my characters consistently (albeit after much frustration and introspection) come to recognize the core of goodness within their otherwise maladjusted or maligned partners. They see the shining potential largely obscured by all the warning signs. They believe that destiny isn’t written in stone, believe in the power to overcome personal faults and awful circumstances, and decide to trust their hearts and/or instincts. Throwing caution to the wind and ignoring all that “good” advice, they find their HEA (Happily Ever After).

Hence, Taboo… with a twist!


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    • Criminy, I just noticed this little reply button. Duh. I know your comment is ancient news, but thanks for checking out the website back in its infancy! It sure has grown a lot since then 🙂

  1. You know you forgot to mention in your Mini-Bio that you were immersed within a group of friends that where witty, funny, talented, and extremely good looking. Thus giving you the strength to do all of this. Just kidding! Hugs to you Shanyn, I am proud and honored to be listed as a friend. I shall make this page one of my home pages in order to keep up with your adventures. Good luck!

  2. Dear Daughter,
    I am impressed once again by your accomplishments. I am very proud that you have followed your star. I have always wanted to write but have never found a way to begin.
    I, too, immerse myself in fanfic, though I specialize in Jane Austen wannabees. I mostly read fanfic about the Darcy’s. I can’t wait to read your new book and I think the cover is fantastic.