Status Update – September 2013

I am loving getting back into the writing groove! And while I never seem to make as much progress as I’d like, I did accomplish all of my August writing goals, modest as they were. So I’ll take a moment to celebrate, reflect, then get right back to work!

Portents is about 90% done. My fabulous critique partners have risen to the challenge and returned some great suggestions. I seriously owe them a nice dinner sometime soon! I’ll buckle down this month and dig into the final round of edits and start on formatting ASAP. I’m hoping to have a cover to reveal soon.

Wholly Trinity is coming along swimmingly… sort of. The great news is I completed 4 new chapters and over 10K words last month—yahoo! But the plot point I thought would take one or two chapters at most swelled like one of those toy sea creatures that expand in a bowl of water! Now at five chapters and well over 12K words, it’s great for the story and I’m really proud of the emotional character growth these guys are processing. But, according to my outline, I’m barely two steps closer to the end, rather than five!

So, while I think I’m a mere 7 chapters away from finishing Wholly Trinity, I can’t promise it won’t be longer. Some big, exciting, end-of-series stuff is about to happen!