This Week’s Distractions: June 12

Part 10 in an infinite series…

FINISHED! Chapter 60 is finally done, hallelujah. It took me damn near a month to do it, but the body is now buried and the necessary plot point/bombshell is dropped, shrapnel scattered. My poor, poor characters. They must think I’m a sadist.

Looking ahead, I’ve got a much better vibe on the next chapter and feel like it will come together faster. Fell asleep Wednesday with the characters having a discussion in my head—always a good sign, once schizophrenia has been eliminated. Two pages of handwritten notes gelled Thursday morning, then transcribed into a 1200-word outline.

By golly, that’s progress! I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact my backyard thermometer read 118°F, and it was only noon.

fire wind meme