The First Time

The First Time front coverBreaking news!

I’m developing a yummy little “goodie” for Desert Ménage fans. It’s a sexy scene originally written for Tri Me that got cut from that book for reasons of length. But I hated for this steamy depiction of a very special “first” for Beth, Paul, and John to disappear forever. So I dolled it up and slapped a hot cover image (from Hot Damn Designs) on the front.

This story will NEVER be available for sale by me via any outlet. I might offer an e-version of it for free some day. In the meantime, I’ll be ordering a very limited number of printed copies for some lucky fans.

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Good luck!

I Have a Cover!!!

Hallelujah! Old Enough to Know Better is naked no more!

Thanks to Kim Killion at Hot Damn Designs, I can now reveal the cover of my first novel. Ta da!

No, there’s not a bare-chested, Fabio-esque brute or a heaving-bosomed, ripped-bodiced belle in sight, and I love it all the more for just that reason. Don’t get me wrong: this romance definitely has its steamy moments. But there’s more to the story and the characters than that.

(Though I have to confess I spent some quality time drooling over her stock images of hunks. Maybe my next cover might feature one of those pretty dudes…)

Kim captured my heroine, Mel Morganstern — a fanfiction writer and aspiring author — typing away at her computer while Jamie Swain — my sword-wielding, demon-slaying, silver-screen hero — occupies her imagination. And since Jamie’s movie role is based on a popular comic book character, I love how Kim’s use of non-photographic art evokes that comic-book connection.

And yeah, it’s a huge thrill to see my name on that cover! Squee! <happy dance>

As always, I’d love to hear your two cents. Drop me a comment and let me know what’cha think.