Ingenue is Live!

Ingenue snippet3Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you’ll treat yourself to my latest release… Ingenue: a feminist BDSM adventure, available in digital and paperback formats from Amazon.

Here’s a sexy snippet to whet your appetite…

“Paige,” a strained voice quietly called. “Paige!”

I went to the window and peered down. There, in the moon-silvered landscape of Aunt Lil’s side yard, stood a familiar silhouette. Reed!

“There you are.” He sounded pleased.

My heart picked up its pace, and I grinned. Never, not even in my most fevered adolescent dreams, had I imagined such a romantic Romeo and Juliet moment. A suitor beneath the moonlight! Summoning me to my window!

“What are you doing here?” I called back. A few famous pentameter lines might have run through my head. I might have giggled aloud.

“What do you think?”

My body awoke to the lovely, wicked potential suffusing the night. “Is this a booty call?” I fervently hoped it was.

“Let me in, and you’ll find out.”

I crept out of my room and tiptoed down the stairs, careful to avoid the creakiest treads even though Aunt Lil had been asleep for hours. My eyes had adjusted to the darkness now, and I navigated easily through the living room. I found Reed at the front door, his arms braced against the jambs, muscles flexed. He grinned sinfully at me, and my body went liquid.

“Are you drunk?” I whispered. Not that I could smell any hint of alcohol, but this was a quintessential drunken scenario, wasn’t it? Showing up at someone’s house in the middle of the night, tossing stones at her window…

“Stone cold sober and horny as hell.” He pulled me into his arms, the heat of his body searing my skin, and gave me a kiss that made my toes curl into the doormat. “I can’t stop thinking about you.”

“Me, either,” I confessed, holding tight and breathing him in. I might’ve been able to distract myself during the day with work, but at night, in my dreams, it was all Reed.

Another kiss lit me up like a flare. “Take me to your bedroom.”


Ingenue Now Available For Pre-Order!

Got a new Kindle you’re looking to fill with smart, fun, sexy stories? Or an Amazon gift card burning a hole in your virtual pocket? I’ve got great news for you! Ingenue: A Feminist BDSM Adventure is now available for pre-order on Amazon. For only $2.99, the book will magically appear on your Kindle device on February 14, 2015… my valentine for you, dear readers.

ingenue front cover 2

For more information, you can read the book’s blurb here, and an excerpt here. Stop by my Facebook Page, too—over the next few weeks, I’ll be posting steamy snippets from the book to further whet your appetite.

Happy New Year, everyone!