Kindle Countdown Deal!

oetkb_newcover6-page-0Happy birthday, Mel Morganstern! In celebration of its heroine’s birthday, the new and revised ebook version of Old Enough To Know Better will be discounted to $1.99 as a Kindle Countdown deal all day Wednesday, June 25!

James Swain is young, rich, talented, and handsome. A British actor in a wildly successful series of films, he’s well acquainted with the sort of life-style afforded by practically unlimited wealth. Life hasn’t always been this good for Jamie, but he senses something is still missing.

Enter Melanie Morganstern, a thirty-something American housewife with an ambition to become a published author. After penning a well-received fanfiction novel involving Jamie’s popular character, Mel inadvertently becomes drawn into his real-life orbit. What would seem like a dream come true soon becomes something like a nightmare: her favorite fictional character crosses the line separating fantasy from reality, resulting in nearly catastrophic consequences.

Deciding Mel is exactly what he wants, Jamie tries to steal her away from her husband. But despite her attraction to him, Mel refuses to betray her marriage vows. It’s only after tragedy strikes that she finally opens herself to what Jamie has to offer—something she’s desperately needed all her life. And Jamie, leaping headfirst into the aftermath, learns lessons of self-sacrifice, patience, and responsibility. Their passionate romance blossoms despite nearly universal disapproval. Together, they face the challenges of forging a new life and a new family out of the wreckage.

Click here to purchase the discounted ebook from Amazon. Hope you enjoy this fun summer romance!


I Have a Cover!!!

Hallelujah! Old Enough to Know Better is naked no more!

Thanks to Kim Killion at Hot Damn Designs, I can now reveal the cover of my first novel. Ta da!

No, there’s not a bare-chested, Fabio-esque brute or a heaving-bosomed, ripped-bodiced belle in sight, and I love it all the more for just that reason. Don’t get me wrong: this romance definitely has its steamy moments. But there’s more to the story and the characters than that.

(Though I have to confess I spent some quality time drooling over her stock images of hunks. Maybe my next cover might feature one of those pretty dudes…)

Kim captured my heroine, Mel Morganstern — a fanfiction writer and aspiring author — typing away at her computer while Jamie Swain — my sword-wielding, demon-slaying, silver-screen hero — occupies her imagination. And since Jamie’s movie role is based on a popular comic book character, I love how Kim’s use of non-photographic art evokes that comic-book connection.

And yeah, it’s a huge thrill to see my name on that cover! Squee! <happy dance>

As always, I’d love to hear your two cents. Drop me a comment and let me know what’cha think.