The First Time

The First Time front coverBreaking news!

I’m developing a yummy little “goodie” for Desert Ménage fans. It’s a sexy scene originally written for Tri Me that got cut from that book for reasons of length. But I hated for this steamy depiction of a very special “first” for Beth, Paul, and John to disappear forever. So I dolled it up and slapped a hot cover image (from Hot Damn Designs) on the front.

This story will NEVER be available for sale by me via any outlet. I might offer an e-version of it for free some day. In the meantime, I’ll be ordering a very limited number of printed copies for some lucky fans.

Want to become one of those lucky fans? Sign up for my newsletter, Taboo Times, and you’ll be entered to win a copy. It’s just that easy! Folks already subscribed to the newsletter are already entered. I’ll announce the winner here on May 31, 2013.

Good luck!

Status Report — May 2013

I just added a new feature to my home page! On the right-hand sidebar, squished between the Facebook and Twitter apps, is a new progress-tracking widget. You can now keep tabs on the statuses of my next four releases.

The countdown to The Footmen‘s release has begun! Slated for July 2013, this ménage tale features a world ruled by women, a male harem, steamy group sex, and political intrigue. At 45,000 words, it’s completely written and has gone through two rounds of critique/edits/rewrites. The Footmen is in the hands of two more critiquers, and I anticipate putting the final polishing touches on this manuscript later this month. Then it’s on to formatting. A sexy image has been procured from Hot Damn Designs, and I’ll reveal a new cover soon!

The 48,000-word rough draft of Portents—book two of Amanda Ryder’s saga—was finished last month. It’s now in the hands of my beta reader. I’m hoping to complete several rounds of critique and editing through this summer. Amanda’s paranormal adventures continue as her loyalties twist and stretch—will they break?

I’m actively writing Wholly Trinity now, and I’m really jazzed it’s more than halfway done! Big changes are afoot in the lives of Beth, Paul, and John, and their relationship will be tested in ways they never imagined. Now that summer is approaching and my kids will be underfoot, I’m aiming to complete a chapter (2000-3000 words) a week, but realize vacations and kid projects might get in the way. I’ve got high hopes of meeting my 2014 deadline, and who knows… if I’m lucky, Wholly Trinity might end up being a holiday prezzie for my fans!

Ingenue is a project that started as a plot bunny and rapidly grew into brain-hijacking proportions. Dr. Paige Forsythe, history professor, has an amazing adventure to share with you. Her summer starts off on a sour note, when she catches her fiancé cheating on her, but quickly improves when she makes a connection with a new man: Reed Camden. My first attempt at first person POV returns to one of my favorite kinds of relationships—the older woman/younger guy—and tosses in a spicy exploration of BDSM. Hang on, Paige! I’ve got a good start on this manuscript partnered with a clear outline, and once Wholly Trinity is off my plate, I should be able to crank out Ingenue in time for next summer.

As always, thanks for your patience, support, and encouragement! It means the world to me.