This Week’s Distractions: June 12

Part 9 in an infinite series…

Well, I have little to show for being AWOL the past 2 weeks—still working on the same chapter I was back then. Summer school has begun for the youngest, along with evening swim lessons, and the oldest’s volunteer job at the library started, plus athletic practice the same night. Looking at the calendar, I have lots of time each day in which to write. In practice, focus and motivation are severely lacking.

bullshit meme

Suck it up, buttercup. Sit your a$$ in the chair and type. Yeah, it might be crap, but it’s a first draft. Like La Nora says (and I’m paraphrasing), “You can’t edit a blank page, bitch.”

Right. Thank you, Bullshit Bear. So, nose back to the grindstone it is…

In other news: Back in March, I entered the first two chapters of this saga in YARWA‘s (that’s Young Adult Romance Writers of America) Rosemary Contest, mainly to see if this story I’m writing about two 16-year-olds who meet and forge a relationship over the succeeding two decades could be classified as YA or NA. I got some very helpful feedback from the judges that I’m taking to heart: the answer is probably not. My voice isn’t YA—a fair criticism I’m inclined to accept—and I’m not certain I have it in me to change that aspect of my writing. (A writer friend of mine is suggesting I investigate Women’s Fiction as a possible genre, and I think she might be on to something.) As disappointing as this news was, my craft-based scores were pretty respectable, and it was wonderfully affirming to have the judges praise my characters and give me hope that someone other than myself could find the story interesting. Congratulations to all the Rosemary finalists, and good luck in the final round!