Writing Gay Men

I’m over at V.S. Nelson’s Guardian’s Hangout today discussing some pointers for writing gay male characters in romance. Come on over and chime in your 2¢ worth! And while you’re there, check out her Sekhmet’s Guardians series—an inventive blend of Native American and Egyptian mythology. Oh, and there’s vampires and aliens and other paranormal creatures, too!

A New Interview!

My friend and author V.S. Nelson blogged an interview with me today. A fellow RWA member, Nelson just released TWO books in one month: Cupid and Penelope on January 2, and Eternal Lovers (Book One in the Sekhmet’s Guardians series) on January 5. Can you say prolific? Or maybe the woman feeds off stress like I feed off chocolate.

Nelson asked me to talk about my writing process, odd as it might be, and how I (pretend) to balance writing and real life. I also shared an excerpt from Brimstone, my own latest release. Please drop by and visit her site, and check me out while you’re there!