Status Update – January 2014

champagne & candleApproximately five years ago this month, I “published” my first work of fiction: George & Annie, An Unofficial Biography, a Harry Potter fanfiction. (That story, as well as Here Be Dragons, are archived on several different fanfic sites.) I remember the nauseating excitement over my first reviews, how over-the-moon I was to read positive feedback. It’s still true today. If you ever want to make a writer’s day (or week or month), leave a positive review of their work. And if you’re curious about those first forays I made into the world of novel-writing, check out my fanfic page for more information and links to archives.

After three weeks of having my family at home, the house is at last empty again. The kids are back at school, and hubby’s at work today. It’s finally quiet enough to hear my characters talk, and I’ve got an ambitious to-do list for this month. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Last month’s writing retreat was a great success. I logged 4K words there and brought the word count on Ingénue up to almost 44K. Wholly Trinity is now with my critique partners and the early feedback is positive. A big announcement (including a release date) will come later this month. Follow this blog by entering your email address in the box to the right, or click here to subscribe to my electronic newsletter for direct, immediate notification.

Thanks, as always, for your continuing support!

Arizona Dreamin’ 2013

I’m headed to Arizona’s only romance reader event next weekend, and I’m crazy excited about meeting great friends and great authors there. Last year was my first time at the event, and it was a blast. I have equally high hopes this year and plan to tweet my adventures… You can follow me at @Taboo_Mistress or check the feed here on my home page sidebar.

Friday night’s “Romance on Broadway” affair promises pretty dresses, handsome fellas, and yummy vintages. Which stud muffin will win this year’s “Man of Our Dreams” contest? And what will he do to win votes? Whatever happens in Chandler, AZ stays in Chandler…

2013-05-17_11-04-00_7872013-05-17_10-07-22_821Did I mention I bought a new dress for Saturday? I figure it’s imperative to look adorable as I stalk so many cool authors. When I saw the book print on, I knew it was meant for me. And a new dress requires new shoes…

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