The Footmen Anniversary


One powerful woman. Five talented lovers. Can she keep her head… and her harem?

Two years ago today I released The Footmen, a futuristic, suspensful romance set in a gynocracy featuring a powerful female Senator and her male harem. To celebrate, the ebook version is on sale for $1.99 this week at Amazon. Please enjoy this snippet and feel free to share the news!

Semper followed the elegantly handsome shīfu upstairs into the private living area. The man kept his tall, lean body regally erect, moving with a casual grace Semper found almost hypnotic. He’d been fantasizing about Benji’s talented hands and mouth quite a lot lately, and their kiss mere moments ago had been every bit as amazing as he’d imagined. But he didn’t like to admit his fantasies focused on those warm brown eyes and kind smile more than anything else.

Semper shook it off. Now was not the time.

Day was fading into twilight as they walked down a corridor lit with star-shaped glass lanterns throwing odd shadows on the pale turquoise walls. The decorative pointed archways reminded him of a bullet’s silhouette. Thick carpet dampened the sound of their footsteps—enabling an all-too-silent invasion, he worried. A hard floor at least made you work to keep your presence a secret.

Benji paused before an intricately painted double door, turned a filigreed wrought iron handle, then led him inside. Semper nearly choked on his tongue at the sight greeting him: a riot of colors and textures and patterns, velvets and silks, tasseled pillows and fringed blankets. Soft light from lacy metal lanterns cast decorative shadows on the wall-to-wall padded floor.

They all slept together in this den of erotic decadence?

Benji walked through another pointed archway that led to a more sedately decorated room. Soft, warm light illuminated honey gold and crimson silk upholstery on thickly padded benches. Frosted glass or mirrored cabinet doors and jewel-knobbed drawers lined the walls—storage for the Senator and her harem’s wardrobe. A large padded table occupied the far end of the room. Through yet another archway ahead, Semper spied a crisp white and blue tiled bathroom, glimpsing a row of open showers.

Where they all bathed together? A vision of soap suds sluicing down hard bodies, hands everywhere…

Semper blinked away such pointless distraction. Now was not the time.

Benji approached the Mistress of the house, who was perched on a leather-and-chrome pneumatic chair before a carved and embellished mirror. She wore a rose-colored silky robe, her raven hair gathered in a simple bun at the nape of her neck. The esthete held her chin in one hand, tilting her face up to him as he painted her already wine-dark, plump lips.

“I’ve brought him,” Benji announced softly.

Her eyes shifted sideways to meet Benji’s while holding her head still for the esthete. She reached for his hand, gave it a little squeeze. He smiled back lovingly.

It all set Semper’s teeth on edge. Clenching his fists reminded him of the gun in his hand. Grateful for the excuse, he busied himself with adjusting the holster beneath his jacket.

Meanwhile Benji took a seat on one of the benches, his expression belying neither wonder nor shame for living in such sybaritic sumptuousness. Familiar with the shīfu’s far more modest upbringing, thanks to the dossier, Semper wondered how long it had taken him to get used to these posh surroundings.

Movement caught his eye, and he looked up to see Yria rise from her chair. Her robe fell open, offering an oblique glimpse of creamy breasts.

Semper was confused by the brazen, casual feminine nudity. Had she forgotten he was here? He was about to cough a reminder when Amelior dabbed something on her nipples with his fingertip, momentarily robbing Semper of breath. He’d heard rumors women wore such rouge imbued with a compound that encouraged blood flow, keeping them erect for hours. Combined with the nearly transparent fashions women wore, every aspect of public life seemed carefully constructed to torture every male who laid eyes on them.

Was this temptation some new kind of test? The waning erection inspired by Benji’s kiss threatened to return with a vengeance. Semper took a deep breath to clear his head, but it only compounded the problem. Every room in this cursed place smelled like flowers and sex…

 The Footmen is available in digital and paperback formats on Amazon.