This Week’s Distractions

Part 2 in an infinite series

So here it is, Friday again. Lots of school-related distractions this week. In addition to The Tall One getting a huge project assigned over Easter weekend, due Monday (5 ft. long bed, constructed exclusively of popsicle sticks, able to support 100+ lbs.), Littlest Kiddo got himself nearly kicked off his elementary school intramural “Capture The Flag” team (nothing violent, just persistently refusing to listen or cooperate, ugh). Spent last weekend with hot-glue burned fingers & helping LK craft an apology letter to his coach, itemizing his infractions and making an improvement plan. The good news is, he was forgiven and reinstated for this week’s practice & we got the bed finished and transported to school. The better news: CTF season is over with Saturday morning’s tournament! 😀

Totally my kid... :/

Totally my kid… :/

The weather was soooo awesome this week, it was reeeeeeally hard to concentrate on writing instead of gardening, walking, or just sitting on the deck and watching the birds. But Tuesday was a strong day with over 1000 words added, plus smaller days on Wednesday & Thursday. My current optimal process seems to be writing out stuff in longhand, then keying into the computer. Still a very rough and partial draft of chapter 56, but progress is definitely being made (and more to come, I predict, this afternoon).

Hope you have a lovely weekend, dear readers!