This Week’s Distractions—April 13

Part 3 in an infinite series…

What will I do for a dime? All this and more…

Aren't I a saint?

Aren’t I a saint? [roll eyes hard]

I lost a full day of writing to this project which, in the long run, I really don’t mind doing (plus, it’s only a couple of times a year). Every parent coordinator of the Boxtops For Education or Campbell’s Labels For Education will gladly accept your contributions, no matter what state they’re in. All over the country, schools use the cash (from Boxtops) and prizes (from Campbell’s) to support classroom learning. But unlike grocery store coupons, you can’t slide an expired Boxtop past the company checker. And both programs require you physically mail in the coupons to get the credit—in pre-counted packets, no less—so yeah, someone eventually has to take the time to trim them neatly.

Yet even with that distraction, I made great headway on Chapter 56! Finished the rough draft on Tuesday, and with fellow writer Mimi Sebastian‘s supportive, non-distracting presence today, I’ll finish the final draft and be ready to move on. The only downside: I realized I need to insert another chapter before this one. Le sigh.