This Week’s Distractions: May 1

Part 5 in an infinite series…

Happy May Day, everyone! And you know what that means… Cinco de Mayo can’t be too far away 🙂

DISTRACTION At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I spent most of my week at Littlest Kiddo’s school, helping teachers prepare for our annual open house by displaying student projects in the hallways. I had tons of volunteer help, but it’s also a HUGE job. Yet sooo worth it—the kids worked really hard, and parent turnout was almost SRO last night. Yay for learning!

PROGRESS After a busy weekend and 3 solid days volunteering out of the house, I hunkered down on Thursday and pounded keys (after righting the wreck my house had become, and while getting a jump on laundry). Happy to report the NEW chapter 56 (which is getting shoved in before the previous chapter 56, now chapter 57) is nearly complete! I should finish by later this morning… and just might treat myself to a scrumptious lunch at a new Mexican place with the hubby as a reward 🙂