This Week’s Distractions: May 15

Part 7 in an infinite series…

Dudes, WordPress informs me this is my 100th post! Surely some celebration is in order…

image from Melaleuca Freedom Celebration. (Photo: Business Wire)

image from Melaleuca Freedom Celebration. (Photo: Business Wire)

DISTRACTION  This was the last full week of school for either of my kids. Between early release days and the Memorial holiday weekend, the end of the year is trickling quickly away. Every summer, I resolve to link screen time to chores for my kids. I’ve yet to find a system that works for more than a week or two. This year, I downloaded the Chores & Allowance Bot app, and I’ve spent a good deal of time setting it up, listing, assigning, and valuing chores. Littlest Kiddo seems intrigued… The Tall One is less than impressed. I’ll keep you posted.

PROGRESS  So, hey, this was a pretty productive week. Turns out, the combined chapter 58 is long enough to split into 2, so hero and heroine’s POV of the event now have their own chapters. Which also means I GOT TWO CHAPTERS FINISHED INSTEAD OF ONE. Yippy skippy!

Adios until next week. And happy Armed Forces Day (May 16)!