This Week’s Distractions: May 8

Part 6 in an infinite series…

DISTRACTION  It’s teacher appreciation week, and I got off easy, only making a batch of cookies and two dozen cupcakes 🙂  Littlest Kiddo got assigned a year-end book report project (re: school projects suck), so we’re assembling a Lego diorama of a scene from Mary Pope Osborne’s The Knight at Dawn (gotta love the Magic Tree House Series!).

PROGRESS  Spent Monday working on Chapter 58. Progress was slow until I realized on Tuesday that the scene I’d planned to split across 2 chapters, shifting from hero to heroine POV, really worked better as 1 chapter (still a split POV). Now with a clearer outlook, I’m hoping to finish the rough draft today.

Happy Mother’s Day to you all!