This Week’s Distractions

Part 1 in an infinite series…

Sorry I’ve been awol from here for most of the past 12 months 🙁 I haven’t been intentionally neglecting this blog… more a combination of RL busy-ness and being at a loss for something interesting to say. Also, I’ve been trying to direct (conserve?) my creative energy into writing books—an energy that feels somewhat constrained as of late.

Back when I first started writing, 3K-4K days were par for the course. My fingers couldn’t keep up with my ideas! Now… not so much. It’s something lots of writers struggle with, and I think we all fear abandonment by the muse. These days, I always manage to find something to distract me…

So in an attempt to reckon with the twin forces of procrastination and distraction, I intend to check in here each week and document my progress. I’m really excited about my current WIP, which has been a loooooong time coming—but more details on that later. I hope that by naming my attention demons, as well as being mindful of my better-focus days, I can get a handle on my process once more.

This week’s major distraction: my birth state went and lost its damn mind. Indiana dropped a giant steaming pile called #RFRA, and my FB feed blew up with protests and calls to action. Sadly, neither side of the debate stuck to the high road, lobbing big handfuls of nasty words and behavior at each other. Suffice it to say that there are LOTS of Hoosiers who care about and support both LGBT equality and the First Amendment—they really can coexist! My hope is that Hoosiers will keep both the recollection of what happened (and who was responsible) as well as find the recourse to enact change, because you can’t vote the idiots out without a viable alternative.

RFRA meme

Click here to check out Freedom Indiana, dedicated to pursuing LGBT equality in the Hoosier State