This Week’s Distractions: April 24

Part 4 in an infinite series…

So, among other things, this week I’ve been distracted by anticipation of my book club meeting this Sunday! I just love spending time with three of my favorite women on the planet, and getting to read something cool in the meantime until we meet again. This month, in honor of Easter, I chose Christopher Moore‘s amazing book Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal.

lamb cover

Click on the cover image to zip over to Amazon and one-click this sucker.

I really enjoy Moore’s irreverent, snarky voice, his absurdist take on the world. In this book, he focuses on the “missing” years of Christ’s life, the span of decades between childhood and when he begins his ministry. Of course Jesus knew kung fu, right? If you like Douglas Adams or Jasper Fforde, and if you don’t mind a hearty dose of satirical sacrilege and juvenile humor, give Moore a read. (Pro tip: I’ve also read and adored Fool, Moore’s retelling of the King Lear tale from the court jester’s point of view.)

Last week, I mentioned the surprising realization I needed to add a new chapter to the WIP before the one I just completed (last Friday, thanks Mimi Sebastian for keeping me in my seat!). Good news: the rough draft for chapter 55.5 came out pretty quickly (yay!). Bad news: I likely won’t get a chance to touch it again until this time next week, thanks to lots of school-related busy-ness on the calendar over the next 7 days. There’s always a chance I can sneak in a few unexpected hours, though, so I’m holding out hope.

Hope you have a great week, and enjoy this last bit of April! :)

This Week’s Distractions—April 13

Part 3 in an infinite series…

What will I do for a dime? All this and more…

Aren't I a saint?

Aren’t I a saint? [roll eyes hard]

I lost a full day of writing to this project which, in the long run, I really don’t mind doing (plus, it’s only a couple of times a year). Every parent coordinator of the Boxtops For Education or Campbell’s Labels For Education will gladly accept your contributions, no matter what state they’re in. All over the country, schools use the cash (from Boxtops) and prizes (from Campbell’s) to support classroom learning. But unlike grocery store coupons, you can’t slide an expired Boxtop past the company checker. And both programs require you physically mail in the coupons to get the credit—in pre-counted packets, no less—so yeah, someone eventually has to take the time to trim them neatly.

Yet even with that distraction, I made great headway on Chapter 56! Finished the rough draft on Tuesday, and with fellow writer Mimi Sebastian‘s supportive, non-distracting presence today, I’ll finish the final draft and be ready to move on. The only downside: I realized I need to insert another chapter before this one. Le sigh.