John’s Brilliant Idea, Part 1 stumbled across an online compatibility quiz and couldn’t resist taking it. Of course he “convinced” Beth and Paul to take it, too. They’ve even agreed to share some of their responses with you. John volunteered to go first…

How would you rank all the priorities in your life: work, school, family, spouse, friends, hobbies, and church? Does your ranking reflect the amount of time you spend on each?

Spouses, family, work, school, friends, hobbies, church. I’m hoping once my MBA is finished, I’ll have more time for the other things. I’d really like to do more volunteering.

Do you think being in love means: (1) Never having to say you’re sorry, (2) Always having to say you’re sorry, (3) Knowing when to say you’re sorry, or (4) Being the first to say I’m sorry?

4— If I’ve done something wrong, I’ll be the first to make it right.

Do you want children? When? How many? Would you feel unfulfilled if you were unable to have children?

I’d love a pack of kids, the sooner the better. It’ll happen one way or another.

Do you anticipate raising our children (1) The same way you were raised, (2) Completely differently from the way you were raised, or (3) A mixture of both?

1— My parents were great, always making us feel loved and accepted, no matter what. Knowing I always have the support of my family has gotten me through a lot of otherwise difficult times.

Whenever we have difficult feelings about each other, should we (1) Remain silent, (2) Say something as soon as the difficult feelings arise, (3) Wait a certain amount of time before raising the issue, or (4) Do something else? If so, what?

4— Talking seldom solves a problem. Do something to fix the current situation and prevent the problem from recurring. Better yet, predict the problem before it happens and do what needs to be done to avoid it.

What place does the other’s family play in our family life? How often do we visit or socialize together? If we have out-of-town relatives, will we ask them to visit us for extended periods? How often?

Family is hugely important. My family will definitely play an active role in my marriage, with my kids. And I hope that some day, Beth’s mom and Paul’s family will come around, too. I plan to welcome them with open arms.


Beth and Paul’s responses will follow later this week. In the meantime, don’t forget to enter my Rafflecopter giveaway for some fun Wholly Trinity swag!

Questions borrowed and/or adapted from Emmalee, and 276 Questions To Ask Before You Marry.

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